Adding FAQs

  1. Navigate to the FAQs section by selecting the FAQ navigation title.
  2. Select the Insert Page Insert page icon icon from the Home tab on the Experience Editor Ribbon.
  3. Select the FAQ option (shown as #1 in the image below) and enter the question in the Name field (shown as #2).
    • Special characters are NOT allowed in the Name field.
    • How to create FAQ categories to organize FAQs under.
      Adding an FAQ question

  4. Select OK. The newly created question page appears on the FAQ page.
    • To add special characters or change the FAQ question, place your cursor on the question and make any necessary changes.
      Editing an FAQ
  5. Add your answer by highlighting the [Insert your Answer here] and entering your answer.
    • You can add hyperlinks, some styling, an image, or launch the Rich Text Editor from the toolbox items provided.


When you select the FAQ title, a toolbox appears with the following options:
FAQ toolbox

  • To delete the question, select the question to activate the toolbox. Select the red X to delete the FAQ.
  • To move the FAQ up or down the list, select the question to activate the toolbox. Select the up/down arrows to move the FAQ.

NOTE: To add your question to an already created dynamic list, in addition to this page, select the Add to List Template option.


Final result looks like this:

List of FAQs example