Creating a Blurb (External Link)

A Blurb (aka: external link) is a link that points to an external website (URL), outside of Sitecore. A blurb allows you to add a link to an external website to:


NOTE: Blurbs are for Full Migration Agencies Only.

How to Create a Blurb

  1. Log into Sitecore.
  2. Navigate to the folder you wish to insert a Blurb under, using the Navigation Bar.
  3. Select the Insert Page icon Insert Page icon on the Ribbon from the Home tab.
    Experience Editor Ribbon Home tab - Insert Page
  4. A dialogue box appears with various page options to select. Select the Blurb template.
    Insert a Blurb Dialogue Box
  5. Enter the blurb title (this is the title of the link that appears on your website).
  6. Select OK to refresh the page.
    NOTE: A blurb can be created from the Experience Editor, but must be completed from the Content Editor.
  7. Select the Blurb from the drop down in the folder you created it in and select the Edit button on the Navigation bar.
    Content Editor Nav Bar - Edit
  8. The blurb will open above the page in the Content Editor view.
  9. Scroll to the Blurb section and select the Insert external link option.
    Content Editor Content Area - Blurb section
  10. Fill in the following fields:
    • Link Description - The title of the blurb (external link)
    • URL - the external web address (URL)
    • Target Window - New window (opens the link in a new window)
      Insert external link dialogue box

  11. Select OK.
  12. Save Save icon your changes.
  13. Select the Edit icon Edit icon to display drop down options and select Check In icon Check In.
  14. Select the Close icon to exit out of the Content Editor and go back to the Experience Editor.
  15. Submit the Blurb to be Published.