Approval Checklist

General Content Considerations

  • Most appropriate template is used
  • Content is unique (i.e., does not repeat information that can already be found on another page)
  • Page title and headings match content
  • Spelling and punctuation are correct
  • Agency-specific requirements for language, formatting, etc. are met
  • Image aspect ratio is preserved (not stretched or compressed in any way)
  • Any embedded content (video, iframe) is functional


  • No broken links (including phone and email links)
  • All links go to published content (i.e., nothing that is still in a Draft or Unpublished state)
  • Anchor links go to correct target
  • Media links go to correct versions of documents
  • External links open in a new window; internal links open in the same window


  • No excessive use of type styles (i.e., minimal levels of bold, underline, italic text, with no special type styles being ideal)
  • Content is broken into manageable chunks when possible
  • No inline styles (e.g., special fonts or colors outside of those identified in the Style Guide)
  • Appropriate hierarchy of heading styles (e.g., Heading 5 falls under Heading 4 and not vice versa)
  • Tables are used to display tabular data and not for formatting


Learn more about Accessibility Compliance

  • Images have alt text
  • Compliant tables are used
  • No colors outside of those in the Style Guide are used
  • Link text is meaningful (i.e., not just “click here”)

Search Optimization

  • Headers are succinctly written and used to organize content
  • Teaser is 140 characters or less, expands on the page title, and utilizes search keywords
  • Information that is more important to users (not government) appears earliest in the page
  • Content is appropriately tagged, when applicable