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DMV Travelers Teen Safe Driving Video Contest 2019

This Year's Theme:

Wait - what can WE do?

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Contest Information

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Enter the DMV-Travelers Insurance annual video contest.  Win Visa Gift Cards for yourself and money for your school!

CONTEST DEADLINE:  December 17, 2018


VIDEO CHECKLIST:  Print out and make sure you double check this list

THIS YEAR’S THEME:  Wait - what can WE do?

BACKGROUND:  Distractions and other unsafe behaviors behind the wheel can create dangerous situations for teen drivers and their passengers. This year's contest focuses on the teen driver and positive group decision-making. Engage the viewer in positive examples in your video of how the driver and people around them can take a moment, pause and keep the vehicle safe when driving with the goal of obeying Connecticut's teen safe driving laws. See details on laws here:  Teen Driving Laws   


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In other words, show us a creative way a teen driver and the people around them can influence a positive decision to drive responsibly to avoid distractions, prevent breaking the law or avoid a crash -- and have a positive outcome.   
HOW TO ENTER:  High school students produce a creative, unique and effective video public service announcement. Video can be up to 45 seconds in length. Your video can be less than 45 seconds, but it can not exceed 45 seconds.

WHO CAN ENTER: High school student ages 14 to 18 enrolled in a public or private high school located in Connecticut, or students ages 14 to 18 who are home-schooled in Connecticut.

Rules and Entry Forms

**Please read complete rules to avoid being disqualified

Video Requirements

Summary of contest requirements:

  • PSA must be no longer than forty-five (:45) seconds in length. 
  • It must demonstrate the theme: “Wait - what can WE do?”
  • It must also address one specific Connecticut teen driving law. More info: Teen Driving Laws
  • The PSA must have a multicultural or diversity component because driving involves teens from all backgrounds, including race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, culture, etc.  Bi-lingual/multi-cultural videos are welcomed and encouraged.
  • Teams of students are limited to a maximum of 5 members, including the student director.
  • The PSA must feature at least two teens, either as real-life actors, or as an illustration using motion graphics or animation.  Be creative!
  • Entries can be submitted electronically through the online program DropBox (See "Submit My Video" below)
  • Please read complete rules to avoid video being disqualified. Download the rules:  PDF Version
Submit My Video
Students can submit their videos electronically (through Dropbox) or by postmarked mail. 
To Submit through Dropbox:
Step 1:  Be sure your video file name includes your last name and school.  For example:
Step 2: Upload your video at this link:
Step 3:  Select the “choose” option to locate your video file and select the file you wish to send.
Step 4:  Enter the required information (name and a valid e-mail address).  DMV may use this e-mail address to contact you regarding your video.
Step 5: Select “Upload” to send your video file.
Step 6:  Please send your completed entry forms to DMV.  You may scan the documents and e-mail to -- or fax your documents to 860-263-5592.

To Submit by Mail:
A complete entry consists of 1) the completed entry form, 2) a signed release form by entrant and his/her parent or legal guardian, 3) appearance releases signed by anyone who appears or participates in the PSA and 4) the PSA. 
Mail your complete entry to:
The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles,
Attn: Corporate and Public Relations Unit
“Teen Driving PSA Contest”
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT  06161


Here is a summary of contest prizes:

  • Travelers provides the monetary awards to schools: First place will receive $6,000, second place will receive $5,000 and third place will receive $4,000. 
  • Winning student teams will receive up to $1,250 in Visa Gift cards with amounts that vary depending on the award.
  • A $2,000 award will go to the school with the most submissions (a minimum of 12 entries is required to qualify for this award). 
  • Awards will also be given to schools and its students for videos.  The award categories 1) Creativity, 2) Use of Different Media, 3) Use of Community Members, and 4) Use of Teen Driving Laws.
  • A social media award for students will be offered by Travelers to encourage promotion of teens’ work and safety message of the contest.   
  • The state Department of Transportation is offering an award to the show the first-place video in venues across the state.
  • A cash prize of $1,000 will go to the school with the video showing the best multicultural message and has been underwritten by Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital.
Questions About Contest?
For additional information, e-mail Ernie Bertothy at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or call 860-263-5024.