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Part-time Service

Part-time service means a reduced work schedule performed either on a voluntary or involuntary basis for at least an average of a half-time schedule during each school month. Part-time service does not mean service rendered for less than a full school year during which the member began service after the commencement of the school year or terminated service prior to the conclusion of the school year.

If you are a member employed at part-time (minimum 50%), you will receive a month of credit for each month worked. Your monthly pension benefit will be calculated to reflect your full-time equivalency (FTE). Your retirement benefit percentage will be proportionate to the amount of time you worked part-time and the average salary used in the calculation will be computed as if you were in full-time service.

Service performed on a part-time basis (at least half-time) prior to July 1, 1977 is treated as full-time service for purposes of determining your eligibility to receive benefits and for computing your actual benefits.

Part-time Connecticut Teaching Service Calculation Example:

Member eligible for Normal Retirement, retiring at age 59 with a total of 35 years of service of which five are part-time:

                           30 years at 100% X 2%    = 60%
                               3 years X 75% X 2%    =   4.5%
                               2 years X 50% X 2%    =   2%
                            35 years                          66.5%

This member will receive 66.5% of average salary.

Member eligible for Early Retirement, retiring at age 55 with a total of 30 years of service of which ten are part-time.  The benefit calculation will be based on 5 years early using Chart B on the Early Retirement page:

                           20 years at 100% X 1.7%   =  34%
                           10 years X  75% X 1.7%     = 12.75%
                           30 years                             46.75%

This member will receive 46.75% of average salary.