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Secretary Thomas Speaks at Department of Veterans Affairs Black History Month Ceremony

(Rocky Hill, CT) – At the Connecticut State Veterans Home and Hospital this morning, Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas gave remarks to commemorate Black History Month during a ceremony hosted by the Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs.

“Black History Month serves as an opportunity to reflect on the many contributions of African American leaders across our nation,” Thomas said. “It is impossible to talk about Black history without talking about the impact of the armed forces and veterans both Black and white.”

Thomas also shared stories of how the armed forces provided opportunities to her veteran family members that may not have been available otherwise.

“I know how important the military is for Black families. My father served in the Army during Vietnam. My sister and brother have both served in the Army and Navy, as well as many other family members,” Thomas said. “I’ve seen firsthand the opportunities provided by this public service. They served their country, some received a college education, and others were able to provide for their families.”

Thomas ended her remarks by noting the sense of pride that comes with serving one’s country.

“Military service also provided my father, siblings and the entire family a sense of pride,” Thomas said. “I’m sure you all feel it. I want you to know that I am grateful for your service to this great nation.”


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