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ICYMI: Secretary Merrill and Representative Phipps - If we want policing reform we must preserve voting rights

Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill and Representative Quentin Phipps (Middletown) of the Government Administration and Elections Committee co-authored an op-ed on the importance of voting rights in light of efforts to re-examine policing policy:

If we want policing reform, we must preserve voting rights.

By Denise Merrill and Quentin Phipps

June 11, 2020

The murder of George Floyd has ripped open an American wound that has never fully healed. No matter how progressive we think we are or would like to be in Connecticut, we are not immune from the scourge of police brutality, particularly and disproportionately perpetuated on black Americans. It should go without saying, but to our very great cost it does not, that Black Lives Matter.


We, the Connecticut Secretary of the State and a member of the General Assembly — a millennial and a baby boomer, a white woman and a black man — want to explicitly make the connection between policing policy and voting rights, because the people you vote for are the ones who create these policies.



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