2022 Electronic Endorsement Forms

•  For use by Major Party Chair, Secretary or Presiding Officer and Candidate or 15% candidates.

•  You will need a pin number to access the form (contact State Central for the pin number), name & email addresses for the chair, secretary or presiding officer and candidate.

•  Enter pin number provided to you by State Central to access the form. Form can be begun by the chairperson, presiding officer, secretary or the candidate. You must have the names and email addresses for both parties.

•  Signer one should be listed as the chairperson, presiding officer or secretary.

•  Signer two is the candidate (endorsed or 15%).

•  Form must be completed by both parties by the 14th day after the meeting considered “filed” failure to do so will result in NO ENDORSEMENT.

•  Forms maybe printed and signed with a wet signature in whole or in part. The forms maybe mailed, or hand delivered to the Office of the Secretary of the State, 165 Capitol Ave., Suite 1000 Hartford CT. 06106. Forms must be received by the 14th day after the meeting.

•  Vacancy in Nomination forms follow the same procedure as above.

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