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Annual Report - Click here to File Online


Annual report filing now requires a "User Account" on CONCORD.


  • Select "Create a New User Account" - Required
  • Select "File Annual Report" 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not filed previous annual reports, you will be prompted to complete those before you can file your 2021 annual report.


Connecticut law requires annual report filings for the following business entities: Stock Corporations; Nonstock Corporations; Limited Liability Companies; Limited Partnerships; and Limited Liability Partnerships. The purpose of the annual report is to ensure the accuracy of the information on record regarding your business entity.  The annual report does not require any financial information.  


The statutory filing fees for annual reports are as follows:



*fee increased to $80 effective July 1, 2020


File Annual Reports Online

Online filing of annual reports is mandatory unless you request a waiver to file by mail. Failure to file annual reports subjects the business entity to administrative dissolution and will prevent you from obtaining a Certificate of Legal Existence (Good Standing) for the business. Our office will administratively dissolve entities that fail to file annual reports. Recent administrative dissolution activity by the office is listed here.  


The following changes regarding annual reports went into effect in 2020:

Effective July 1, 2020, the filing fee for annual reports increased from $20 to $80 for LLCs, LPs, and LLPs.


Effective January 1, 2020, the Business Entity Tax (BET) has been eliminated.  Please see the Department of Revenue Service website for more information on the BET sunset.


Effective January 1, 2020, all businesses must now update their registered agent on their annual report.  During the online filing process, you will be required to confirm and update your registered agent information.  For more information on registered agents, please see our FAQ page.


Also, all businesses must report their North American Industry Classification System code (NAICS code) for their business. The online filing process will help you find the NAICS code most applicable for your business.  We have developed a NAICS code lookup tool to assist customers with this new requirement.



The Secretary of the State has received numerous complaints about official-looking mailers from companies seeking additional fees to file annual reports for Connecticut businesses.  All businesses are advised to review carefully the press release issued by Secretary Merrill, Attorney General Tong, and Consumer Protection Commissioner Seagull regarding this solicitation.  We also recommend every business take the following precautionary steps. 


1. Search your business on the business registry, CONCORD.  Make sure the information on file with our office is accurate and note the due date for your next annual report.  If you owe an annual report, you may file directly with our office using the instructions on this page.  The filing fees for all annual reports are below.  

2. Establish an account at  Creating an account at is the best way to ensure that your business is compliant with state filing requirements and to receive important information about deadlines, fraud alerts, and other important information.  

3. Check the "fraud alerts" page under the "business recovery" tab at for up-to-date information to keep your business safe.  In addition to information about this solicitation, the fraud alerts page contains important warnings for businesses conducting business in China and scams related to newly-formed businesses.  

For additional questions, please email us at