Fiscal Services

Primary Missions:

  • Ensure that all towns, regional school districts, regional educational service centers and other eligible educational agencies receive their proper share of state and federal grants in aid for education.
  • Monitor public elementary and secondary education expenditures to ensure compliance with state requirements and for maintaining such fiscal records as are necessary to report on the financial condition of education in Connecticut.

Calculations and Pupil Data:

  • Collect, maintain, analyze and verify various data elements (i.e., general enrollment, special student populations, income and poverty data, and expenditures in total and by detailed category) for use in calculating state and federal formula grant entitlements.
  • Design and automate all formula grant calculation forms.
  • Provide technical support, simulations and other fiscal information program managers may request for their grants.
  • Provide technical support, simulations and other fiscal information that program managers, legislative committees, and other state agencies may request.

Process and Quality Control:

  • Independent quality control review of each grant calculation, each data analysis and each major report prepared within the division. This includes a process review to assess compliance with established procedures, to note any exceptions and to recommend process changes as appropriate.
  • Maintain the agency's grant payment system. Some grants have statutory payment dates, but most are subject to a cash management requirement that necessitates monthly disbursements as grantees draw down available funds as needed.
  • Collect end-of-year expenditure reports for most state and federal grants and reconcile expenditures to the budgeted spending plan of the grantee. Expenditures which vary from the approved budget by more than the amount permitted under agency policy must be reviewed to determine whether a refund is necessary. 

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