Connecticut Core Standards

Grade 4: Whole Numbers, Place Value, and Rounding in Computation

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Common Core Standards

Content Standards

MCC4.OA, MCC4.OA.2, MCC4.OA.3, MCC4.OA.4, MCC4.OA.5,


Standards for Mathematical Practice

MP.1   Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

MP.2   Reason abstractly and quantitatively.

MP.3   Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

MP.4   Model with mathematics.

MP.5   Use appropriate tools strategically.

MP.6  Attend to precision.

MP.7   Look for and make use of structure.

MP.8  Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

Description of Unit

Activities within this unit “Whole Numbers, Place Value, and Rounding in Computation” from the Georgia DOE focus on major content clusters. The Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs) are not explicitly address in the unit activities.  Builds on learning from previous grades, and activities are generally connected.  Students have a variety of tasks, which reflect real world situations.  There are multiple opportunities for students to interact with the mathematical content.  Students have an opportunity to build their fluency through multiple tasks.


Connecticut teachers should be aware that the unit does not include the following components:

  • All standards for Math Practice are listed for all activities and task, but are not directly addressed
  • Explicit differentiation/ instructional supports are not provided for English language learners, students with disabilities, struggling learners, and high achievers
  • Assessment rubrics or criteria not provided for all tasks

Rationale for Selection

Alignment to Rigor: Each task relates to a particular standard, and the range of different task types are aligned but with a different focus (scaffolding, practice, performance and constructing).

Key Areas of Focus: Uses standards in the Operations and Algebraic Thinking cluster to support the new knowledge of standards in the Numbers and Operations in Base Ten major cluster. Provides coherence between standards and skills; skills build on one another.

Assessment:  Formative assessment questions are provided within each activity.  List provided of all tasks, task types, and grouping strategies for all activities. Some rubrics and answer keys are provided. Two summative tasks are provided at completion of the unit.