Tuition:         $300.00

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Police Officer Standards and Training Council’s Field Services Training Division will present a State’s Attorney’s Legal Training seminar on Tuesday evenings which will meet for EIGHT (8) consecutive weeks from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Connecticut Police Academy, 285 Preston Avenue, Meriden, CT, May 11, 2021 to June 29, 2021.   

This seminar began more than 40 years ago under the leadership of the late State’s Attorney Arnold Markle.  The seminar concentrates on the laws of arrest and search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment.  It also explores laws concerning statements and confessions under the Fifth and Sixth Amendments.  National and state court cases that have an impact on law enforcement are examined in detail.  Proper search warrant preparation and report writing techniques are covered in each seminar. 

The course will be presented by the Honorable David Gold, a Connecticut Superior Court judge.  Judge Gold served as a prosecutor prior to having been appointment as a judge and has taught constitutional law at the university level.                                                   

The class is limited to a maximum of (40) police officers.  Please complete the registration form located on our website at and forward to the attention of Barbara Fullenwiley by email at or fax to (203) 238-6119. The deadline date is April 28, 2021.  If you have any questions, please contact the Field Services Training Division at 203-427-2622.

Officers successfully completing this training will receive Review Training Credits as follows: Curriculum Area II: Police and the Law, 16 hours; Curriculum Area V: Criminal Investigation, 8 hours.

There is a $300.00 tuition for this course.  The Chief of Police of ALL agencies participating will receive an invoice for payment which will be forwarded by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Fiscal Office, 1111 Country Club Road, Middletown, CT.

Professional, business attire required.

DISCLAIMER:  The Police Officer Standards and Training Council (POSTC) makes every effort, within its ability and resources, to provide the highest quality, most relevant in-service training programs available at minimum cost to all Connecticut police officers and agencies.  However, POSTC does not provide legal advice, and does not endorse the accuracy or completeness of specific in-service training programs provided by each of its many contractors and training providers.  The materials and opinions of individual providers offered during the course of in-service training are those of the instructor alone, and do not necessarily represent the position of the Police Officer Standards and Training Council or the State of Connecticut.  Given the multitude of disparate factual scenarios with which law enforcement personnel are presented in the discharge of their official duties, students and sponsoring agencies are strongly advised and encouraged to seek the advice and counsel of their own legal advisors before implementing concepts or adopting specific measures discussed or recommended during in-service training sessions. 



Training on the Web:  www.CT.GOV/POST