Basic Police Firearms Instructor Training Program


TUITION:      No Cost

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Police Officer Standards and Training Council’s Field Services Training Division, in conjunction with regional police firearm instructors, will be conducting a Police Firearms Instructor Course.  The program will be held from Monday, September 28, 2020 to Friday, October 9, 2020 (total of 10 training days).  The class will meet from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day.  The program will be conducted at the Firearms Range at the Connecticut Police Academy, 285 Preston Avenue, Meriden, CT.

Each Attendee must provide the following:

  1. Agency service weapon (handgun and shotgun)
  2. Handgun ammunition – 1500 rounds
  3. Handgun ammunition – 100 Lead Free FRANGIBLE rounds
  4. Shotgun ammunition
    • 150 rounds (00 buck)
    • 50 rounds rifle slug
    • 5 bean bag rounds
  5. Full duty patrol street gear with reloading sources
  6. Protective vests
  7. Eye and hearing protection
  8. Baseball style cap with a rounded bill
  9. Duty rain gear (if needed)
  10. Gun cleaning kit (handgun and shotgun)

Simmunition Equipment

  1. Weapon, if possible
  2. Protective equipment, if available
  3. 50 simmunition rounds

In order to receive a course certificate, candidates will be required to successfully complete a practicum consisting of classroom lectures, practical skills demonstration, evaluation of coaching techniques, ability to diagnose problem shooters, knowledge of technical terms, actions and equipment, and a written test.  The percentages constituting passing test scores are as follows: Shooting practicum 95% (285 out of 300) and written test 80%.

Pre-requisite Information

Enrollment to this course is strictly limited to 20 participants who have successfully passed the POSTC Firearms pre-test and a basic instructor development course.

Participants successfully completing the training will receive review training credit as follows: Curriculum Area II: Police and the Law 4 hours, Curriculum Area III: Practical Skills, 16 hours; POSTC firearms mandated credit, 3 hours and POSTC Firearms elective credit, 9 hours.

Please complete the registration form and forward to the attention of Barbara Fullenwiley by email at or fax (203) 238-6119. The deadline date is September 11, 2020.  If you have any questions, please contact William Steck, Director at 203-427-2621.

NOTE FOR THE APPLICATION:  THERE ARE TWO (2) PRE-REQUISITES FOR REGISTRATION FOR THIS CLASS.  Please record the dates of attendance for each applicant for (l) the pre-test examination for firearms instructor, and (2) the “Basic Instructor Development” training course.

There is no tuition for this course.  Coffee break refreshments are available at the Academy for a small fee.  Lunch may be purchased each day at nearby restaurants. 

The Police Officer Standards and Training Council Dress Code Requirement for in-service training is not in effect for the session.