Legislative Initiative Review Work Group

The Legislative and Administrative Initiatives Review Work Group will focus on a review of other state's and Connecticut's legislative initiatives and administrative policy to inform strategies to address the impact of pharmaceutical costs for Connecticut.

Members of the Work Group are:

Ted Doolittle - chair

Susan Adams                    Rod Bremby                    Katie Wade                      Jill Zorn    

Jordan Scheff                   Nichelle Mullins                Pat Baker                         Jenna Lupi


Meeting Materials

July 31, 2017

Agenda:  7/31/2017 Agenda

Meeting Summary:    7/31/2017 Minutes

 August 29, 2017

Agenda: 8/29/2017 Agenda

Meeting Summary:   8/29/17 Minutes Draft

Meeting Materials:      Curbing Unfair Drug Prices

NASHP Rising Cost of Pharmaceuticals 

 Sept. 19, 2017

        Agenda:  Sept. 19, 2017

        Meeting Summary:    Sept. 19 Minutes

October 11, 2017

        Agenda:   October 11, 2017

        Meeting Summary:   October 11, 2017 Minutes

November 8, 2017

       Agenda:    November 8 Agenda

       Meeting Materials:   Draft Report

       Meeting Summary:   November 8, 2017