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Gov. Malloy Announces Cybersecurity Action Plan for Connecticut

Calls for Comprehensive Action to Strengthen State Cybersecurity Defense

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced the release of a Cybersecurity Action Plan for Connecticut and called for enhanced cybersecurity defense and resilience to meet the increasing array of cyber risks facing the state.

“Cyber intrusion threatens state and municipal government, every person, every business, and every organization in Connecticut,” Governor Malloy said. “Our action plan offers ways to prepare, to help protect Connecticut, and to respond to and recover from the consequences of cyber compromise. It addresses the need for action statewide and calls for enhanced collaboration in a range of cybersecurity challenges”

The Cybersecurity Action Plan follows the release of the state’s Cybersecurity Strategy last summer and the separate critical infrastructure plan launched in April 2016.

The plan applies the seven principles developed in the Cybersecurity Strategy to actions available to Connecticut individuals, organizations, government agencies, and businesses. These include: leadership, literacy, preparation, response, recovery, communication, and verification.

The Cybersecurity Action Plan’s priorities include:

  • More extensive security in state government agencies, the General Assembly, and the judicial branch;
  • Creation of municipal cyber defenses and sharing of regional resources;
  • Active engagement with the business community to encourage risk assessment and security, to protect businesses from the damages inflicted by a cyberattack and to help give Connecticut businesses a competitive edge;
  • Increased academic attention to the many effects of cyber compromise on society and action to prepare more cybersecurity graduates to meet the gap of unfilled cybersecurity jobs in Connecticut; and
  • Increased attention to intelligence analysis and cyber-crime investigation and collaboration between local, state, and federal authorities.

While the federal government, national intelligence and homeland security officials are at work on cybersecurity, states have vital roles to play in meeting growing cyber challenges.

“Recent events have underscored nationwide vulnerability to cyber penetration,” Governor Malloy said. “While no one can guarantee security, we can take basic steps to protect government functions and give Connecticut business a competitive edge. I call on everyone in Connecticut to be part of the solution. This action plan offers concrete ways for all of us to be safer.

“I am grateful to Chief Cybersecurity Risk Officer Arthur House, Chief Information Officer Mark Raymond, Department of Administrative Services Commissioner Melody Currey, Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner Dora Schriro, and to the state and local officials and business leaders who helped them complete this collaborative effort.”

**Download: Connecticut’s Cybersecurity Action Plan

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