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Office Training

The Information Technology Unit creates, maintains, and updates office-wide IT systems and services supporting all divisions and personnel with the Office of the Treasurer. Enterprise security, computer training and disaster recovery services are also a priority of this unit. In a rapidly evolving global environment where data and communications is needed and processed quickly, the Office of the Treasurer is prepared to meet any challenge with exceptional data collection, information security, and customer relations management through the numerous channels the agency conducts business.

OTT Office 365 Online Training

0 Table Of Contents
1 Intro - Common Office Tasks
2 Word 365
3 Excel 365
4 Power Point 365
5 Outlook 365
6 Access 365
7 Publisher 365
8 Working With Charts And Graphics
9 Office 365 One Step Beyond
10 File Sharing - Collaborating - Teams
11 Index
12 Ending