Certified Revaluation Employees 

State Regulations regarding Certification of Revaluation Companies and Their Employees

Certification expires on April 30th of the expiration year listed. In order to be recertified individuals must apply prior to expiration of their existing certification. As appropriate, the application should be completed and returned to: Jennifer Gauthier, Office of Policy and Management, 450 Capitol Avenue, MS#54 GSU, Hartford CT 06106-1379.

Certified Connecticut Revaluation Employees Guidebook - The Guidebook contains all pertinent information related to the Revaluation Certification Program including requirements, regulations, statutes, forms, recommended study material and answers to frequently asked questions.

Certified Revaluation Employees - A list of individuals who, as of June 15, 2023, are certified by the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management (OPM) to perform revaluations for assessment purposes for municipalities in Connecticut.


For further information, please contact: Jennifer L. Gauthier, (860)418-6342, or Jennifer.Gauthier@ct.gov