2015 Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Planning Grant Program



In December of 2014, the Office of Policy and Management (OPM), in consultation with the Interagency TOD Workgroup, evaluated and scored 23 applications seeking grant funding under the TOD Planning Grant Program. 

The purpose of the Grant was to generate a pool of prospective planning projects that best support transit oriented development as defined in Attachment A of the RFA, or are directly supportive of such efforts. 

Eleven projects, totaling $1.5 million were selected to receive funding.

See below for a complete list of 2015 awards:


$150,000 to complete a TOD plan for the Berlin Train Station/Kensington Village area, and in the process conduct planning for properties and groups of properties that represent potential development opportunities for developers.  Berlin ultimately plans to establish a Village District centered around the Berlin Train Station.


$100,000 for detailed TOD technical analysis around the Bethel Train Station.  The town will focus on four types of analysis: transportation planning, sewer capacity examinations, environmental analysis, and economic/market analysis.  The information gathered will be used to generate a report that will guide future planning efforts in the vicinity of the Bethel Train Station. 


$150,000 for the development of a TOD Master Plan around the future Barnum Train Station.  The study will focus on the best use of residential, office, retail, and commercial uses within a ½ mile of the future station, and serve as a guide for reinvestment within those neighborhoods.


$100,000 to create an Economic Development Strategy for the Thompsonville section of Enfield.  This strategy will identify key parcels for redevelopment, acquisition planning, incentive strategies for investors and developers, support marketing and promotional programs, include public participation and outreach, and potentially lead to the development of a Business District/Revitalization Zone.


$125,000 to continue the significant progress made on the development of the city’s Transit Oriented Development District.  The majority of the funding will go towards finalizing traffic and engineering plans for roadway improvements within the study area.  The remaining funds will go towards technical assistance and public outreach.


$150,000 to fund a Market Analysis and Conceptual Plan centered on the Milford Train Station, in the heart of downtown.  The Market Analysis is needed to determine the economic viability of a mixed use development in proximity to the train station, and to guide the conceptual development of such a plan.

New Britain

$250,000 to perform detailed Station Area Plans of Development around the Downtown, East Main Street and East Street CTfastrak stations. The plans will include an assessment of existing conditions, an analysis of existing developmental controls and incentives, identification of key opportunities and constraints, a financial assessment, and the development of specific recommendations.

New Haven

$125,000 will be split between two critical planning elements as part of the City’s broader plan to implement TOD.  The first portion of the funding will go toward developing future land use and transportation concepts for the southerly portion of the Wooster Square/Water Street neighborhood.  The second will fund a comprehensive transportation demand-management program in and around the burgeoning Downtown Crossing District.


$200,000 to fund the development of a Complete Streets Improvement Plan for Stratford Center, within a half mile of the Stratford Train Station.  The Plan will identify the need for transportation-related improvements in the area, including bicycle/pedestrian mobility, urban design strategies, and green infrastructure, among others. 


$75,000 to prepare a TOD/Station area plan of development in anticipation of increased commuter rail service along the Hartford line in 2016.  Funds may also be used to develop zoning regulations in order to best promote TOD, identify inadequate pedestrian linkages to downtown, and identifying potential options for property assemblage in order to spur economic growth as a result of state and federal investments in the rail line.


West Hartford

$75,000 to carry-out a Complete Streets Study for the New Park Ave Transit Area.  The study will focus on a review of the Flatbush and Elmwood Station areas, a feasibility assessment for development and implementation, conceptual planning and zoning amendments, evaluation of alternatives, public outreach and participation, and final reporting and public presentations. 


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