Calendar - IGPP Grant Payment Dates

July 1 - June 30

Payments Release By Name of Program Contact Person
 January 1 (33%) Mashantucket Pequot
 January 1 MRSA Municipal Revenue Sharing Nikki Sow
 April 1 (33%) Mashantucket Pequot
 May 30 TIERED PILOT - College and Hospitals  Nikki Sow
 May 30  TIERED PILOT - State Owned Property  Nikki Sow
 June 30   Municipal Grants-in-Aid (grants for municipal projects)
 June 30 (34%) Mashantucket Pequot
 July 1 State Grant-in-Aid to Regional Councils of Government (Regional Service Grant)
 August 1 Municipal Transition Grant (Motor Vehicle Property Tax)
 September 15 Elderly Freeze
 September 15 Homeowners/Circuit Breaker - Life Care*
 October 1 MRSA Municipal Revenue Sharing  Nikki Sow
 October 31 Municipal Revenue Sharing - General Fund
 October 31 Municipal Stabilization
 October - December Elderly and Totally Disabled Renters
 December 31 AdVets - Property Tax Relief for Veterans
 December 31 Distressed Municipalities
 December 31 Totally Disabled
 December 31 Homeowners/Circuit Breaker*
 N/A Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)  Nikki Sow
 TBD Neglected Cemetery Account Grant Martin Heft 
 N/A Regional Performance Incentive Program (RPIP) Rebecca Augur
TBD by OPM Secretary Responsible Growth & Transit-Oriented Development Program (RG/TOD)
TBD by OPM Secretary Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) Martin Heft
TBD: To be determined

*No FY23 payment will be made due to no appropriation