Filing Process

Connecticut Partnership's "Filing Guidelines"

Connecticut Partnership's "Filing Guidelines"

The "Filing Guidelines" document (below) has been developed to assist insurers in filing their long-term care insurance policies and certificates for approval under the Connecticut Partnership for Long-Term Care.  The staff at the Connecticut Partnership is committed to working with you to develop a high quality plan that meets all of the Insurance Department's regulations for Partnership policies and as many of our Standards of Excellence as possible.  Please feel free to contact the Partnership staff with questions at (860) 418-6318.

Please note that the "Filing Guidelines" document does not cover every requirement described in the applicable regulations.  Rather it provides a checklist and suggested language for selected provisions where we received frequent questions. Please review all of the applicable regulations below in addition to the items in the "Filing Guidelines" document.

Connecticut Insurance Department Regulations

The Three Step Review Process

Step 1 - Partnership staff will conduct an informal review of all proposed Partnership policy forms as well as comparable non-Partnership forms.

Please deliver (to the address below) all policy forms (Policy, Outline of Coverage, Application, any Riders, Actuarial Memorandum and Rates) to the Connecticut Partnership for a comprehensive review.  Please note that all Partnership carriers must sign a Participation Agreement which requires you to develop and maintain comparable benefits and premiums between your Partnership and non-Partnership plans sold in Connecticut.  The most expedient method to develop a Partnership-approved plan is to modify your existing non-Partnership plan(s) based upon the regulations and "Filing Guidelines."  Then based upon our review, it may be necessary to make further modifications to your existing non-Partnership plan and the proposed Partnership plan.  Please submit all of the forms listed above for both the proposed Partnership plan and any comparable non-Partnership plans that are currently being marketed (or being proposed) in Connecticut.

To assure comparability between the Partnership and non-Partnership plans, and to speed up the review process, please make sure that, except for provisions that are Partnership specific, the language used in the Partnership and non-Partnership forms are identical.

Typically, carriers should expect two iterations of comments, questions and review with the Partnership staff.

Connecticut Partnership for Long-Term Care
Office of Policy and Management
450 Capitol Avenue, MS#52LTC
Hartford, CT 06106-1379

Step 2 - Partnership staff and staff of the Department of Social Services will review and approve the Plan of Action.

Please deliver the Plan of Action to the Connecticut Partnership staff listed below. 

Connecticut Partnership for Long-Term Care
Office of Policy and Management
450 Capitol Avenue, MS#52LTC
Hartford, CT 06106-1379

Step 3 - Insurance Department will conduct a final review and approval of all policy forms.

The Partnership staff will inform you when it has satisfactorily completed its review of the policy forms and the Plan of Action.  Please deliver (to the address below) the policy forms and a transmittal letter to the Connecticut Insurance Department who will conduct a final review of the policy forms. The "Filing Guidelines" contain a sample transmittal letter.

Submission of your policy forms to the Insurance Department prior to completion of the Partnership's review will significantly delay approval of your forms.

Typically, carriers should expect one iteration of comment and review by Insurance Department staff.  Carriers must respond to comments in 10 business days, otherwise the filing will be returned disapproved by the Insurance Department.

Eric Vieweg
Life and Health Division
Insurance Department
P.O. Box 816
Hartford, CT 06142-0816

Electronic Filing Request

In an effort to speed up reviews and commentary, we encourage you to submit the policy forms in electronic format (MS WORD 2000, or Adobe PDF) by e-mail to  Paper copies are NOT needed when electronic versions are provided.

For more information contact:
(860) 418-6318