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Below are published Meeting Schedules, Agendas and Meeting Minutes for the NICS Record Improvement Task Force.
These meetings are presented in reverse chronological order, so that the most current meeting date is listed first.  The documents are available in Adobe PDF format. To view these documents either get the Adobe Reader OR use the Adobe PDF Converter.
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Jan 09, 2008
CT-N Video BroadcastWatch LIVE - Governor Rell's Sentencing & Parole Review Task Force Final Meeting
Jan 08, 2008
CT-N Video BroadcastWatch LIVE - Governor Rell Unveils Her Criminal Justice Reform Recommendations 
CT-N Video BroadcastWatch LIVE - Legislative Leaders on the Governor's Criminal Justice Reform Proposals
Jan 03, 2008
Victims Subcommittee
Dec 31, 2007
Special Populations Subcommittee
Dec 27, 2007
Sentencing Statutes Subcommittee
Dec 27, 2007
Information Technology Subcommittee
Dec 21, 2007
Re-Entry Subcommittee
Dec 21, 2007
Board of Pardons & Parole Subcommittee
Dec 19, 2007 Minutes
Dec 10, 2007
View presentations from this meeting:
Offender Reentry: A Public Safety Strategy - Thomas White, Judicial Court Support Services Division
Connecticut Integrated Criminal Justice Information System - Suzanne Niedzielska, Department of Information Technology
Criminal Behavior and Mental Illness - Thomas Kirk Ph.D., Commissioner, Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services 
Case Management Information System - Celia Siefert, Judicial Branch
Dec 03, 2007
View presentations from this meeting: Actuarial Instruments in Risk Assessment - Yale University Law & Psychiatry Division: Howard Zonana MD, Madelon Baranoski Ph.D, Michael Norko MD, and Alec Buchanan Ph.D MD
Prison To Home - Community Partners in Action: Maureen Price-Boreland, Esq., Executive Director
Nov 26, 2007 CT-N Video BroadcastWatch VIDEO - Governor Rell's Sentencing & Parole Review Task Force Public Hearing, see Public Hearing Press Release
Nov 08, 2007
View presentations from this meeting:
The Arrest Process -  John Danaher, Commissioner, Department of Public Safety
The Charging Function of the Prosecutor - Dean Mary Galvin & Kevin T. Kane, Chief State's Attorney
Oct 25, 2007 Agenda / Minutes  CT-N Video BroadcastWatch VIDEO
View presentations from this meeting:
1. Michael Lawlor, Connecticut State Representative, Judiciary Committee Co-Chair:
(a) Joshua Komisarjevsky Sentencing Transcript
(b) PA 97-257, An Act Concerning Crime Victims. Sec.1, Sec.9. & Sec.11.(a)(b) Directs the State's Attorneys Office to provided transcripts to BOPP (see PA 97-257)
(c) Sec. 54-222a.(a)(b) Duty of peace officer to inform victim re victim services at scene of crime. (see 54-222a)
(d) JD Movement of Criminal Docket and GA Locations
(e) Criminal Trials Held in the GA and JD Locations
(f) Daily Incarcerated Population

2. An Overview of the Comprehensive Plan for the Connecticut Criminal Justice System - Brian Austin, Jr., Under Secretary, Office of Policy & Management, Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division  
3. Theresa Lantz, Commissioner, Department of Correction:
(a) DOC Offender Management Plan
(b) Current Correctional Population Indicators
4. An Overview of the Connecticut Sentencing Task Force - Chairman Robert Farr, Board of Pardons & Parole and Andrew Clark, Central Connecticut State University
Oct 05, 2007
View presentations from this meeting:
Systemic Approach to Effective Community Supervision - Judicial Court Support Services Division
Salient Factor Score - Board of Pardons & Parole 
Sep 12, 2007 CT-N Video BroadcastWatch VIDEO - Governor Rell's Sentencing & Parole Review Task Force Organizational Meeting