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State Funded Body Camera Program | Application Package | Pending and Approved Applications

Body-Worn Recording Equipment (BWRE) Reimbursement Grant Program For Local and University Law Enforcement Agencies

Updated -June 24, 2020
Application Package
The Office of Policy and Management, as directed by Public Acts 15-4, 17-225, 18-107, 19-11 and 20-1,  is offering grants-in-aid to municipal law enforcement agencies and state university police forces (special police forces established pursuant to Sec. 10a-156b) for body-worn recording equipment and digital data storage devices or services..

Reimbursement Grant

This is a reimbursement grant. This is NOT an advance payment grant.

Municipalities taking advantage of this program must procure the necessary body worn cameras and storage devices and/or contracts with locally budgeted funds and submit an application for reimbursement.  The reimbursement request must include, among other things, invoices and cancelled checks for those equipment purchases.

Application Package




Program Announcement

Announcement (PDF)

Application Checklist

Checklist (PDF)


Grant Application Guidelines

Guideline (PDF)


Application for Reimbursement

Application (Excel)


Authorized Signature Form

Authorized Signature (PDF)


Compliance Certification with Public Act 15-4

Compliance  Certification (PDF)

SAMPLE Complete and Approved BWRE Application

Click on the link below to download a completed and approved state funded Body Camera application package submitted by the Plainfield, CT Police Department.  (Posted by permission: Plainfield, CT Police Department)

Plainfield, CT Police Department Complete Application

For a list of pending and approved applications, click here.

For More Information

For additional questions and information about this grant program, please contact:

Nichole Howe
Associate Accountant
Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division
Office of Policy and Management