The State Broadband Office contracted with CTC Technology and Energy (CTC) as the State’s independent broadband consultant to conduct site visits at business locations selected by the State to investigate a small sample of broadband customer experiences.
Although Connecticut is a prosperous state with large areas of urban and suburban densities, Connecticut businesses, institutions, and residents have significant challenges obtaining broadband services.
CTC found a range of serious broadband challenges in the State, including:
1) Maximum speeds are often far less than what businesses need for their current operations
2) There are limited or no affordable competitive options for broadband services for businesses in urban areas
3) Businesses’ growing needs for broadband will further exceed the available broadband services
4) Businesses face long delays in obtaining services, or are unable to obtain service even when infrastructure is relatively nearby.
Further holdings included:
Small and medium-sized businesses are being constrained by lack of broadband infrastructure and, where infrastructure is available, lack of competitive options (leading to higher prices and limited service).
All of the businesses we visited in Hartford reported that they are hampered by the low speed and quality of their existing services from the telephone and cable incumbent internet service providers. The business owners also identified the cost of those services as an area of concern.