Advocacy Center

1. Understanding advocacy

What is advocacy?
Advocacy is an activity by an individual or group that aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions.

How can I have influence?
Individuals and groups can influence policies and systems by understanding who makes decisions, when decisions are made, and what goals decision-makers have.

2. Understanding Stories

Why are stories important?
Stories Help us to make a connection to other people.

What role do stories play in advocacy?

  • Logos (Logic) - the logic or reasoning behind an argument
  • Ethos (Ethics) - the character and believability of the speaker
  • Pathos (Emotion) - the emotional content that makes a connection to people and motivates them to take action

3. Developing and sharing our stories

What is the goal of your advocacy?
When you're advocating for a particular change, it's helpful to make sure that you tell your personal stories in an organized way.

What is the "meat" of your story?
Activity: developing a persuasive message using the 27-9-3 rule.

  • Share your message in 27 words or less.
  • Communicate your message in 9 seconds or less.
  • Make sure your message has fewer than 3 points.


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