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Final Decisions Rendered
by the Commission in 2023

Jan 2023 Feb 2022 Mar 2022 Apr 2022

Caruso v City Hartford

Cavanna v Town of Berlin
Pereira v City of Bridgeport 
Torres v City of Hartford
Bosse v OPM
Drapers v Town of Bethel
Pereira v City of Bridgeport
Dilorio v Office of the Governor
Nestel v Police Dept Town Fairfield
Tomlinson v Bridgeport PD
Norton v town of South Windsor 
Iezzi v Town of Hamden
Haddadin v City of Bridgeport
Koltz v Town of Bethel
Haener(s) v Town of Greenwich
Coppola v Derby PD

Wozar v DCF

Clark v Office the Attorney General
Dunn v Police Dept Town of Hamden
Gainey v Waterbury PD
Cantor v DCP
Moore v City of Shelton
Collins & the Day v City of new London
Effros v Town of Greenwich
Gawlik v DOC
Cushman v Emergency Services and Telecommunication
Fay v City of Bridgeport
Camara v State Marshal
Krame v Town of Berlin
Bell v City of New Britain
Fay v City of Bridgeport
Schacht v NLWWPCA
Haythorns v Town of Weston
Milligan v City of Norwalk
Kaiman v Town of Darien
Calebaugh v Town of East Granby
Lucas v Town of Marlborough
Lindquist v UConn
Lallier v CT Technical Education & Career System Board
Cox v Oxford Public Schools
Felson v PD of Bridgeport
Taylor v Office of Policy and Management
Gutcheon v Bloomfiled Housing Authority
Morin v Borough of Litchfield
Partenteau v City of New London
Baird v Town of Wethersfield
Lane v DOC
Bell v City of New Britain
Gawlik v PD of City of New Britain
Brown v City of Bridgeport
Ambroise v Town of Groton
Smith v DOC
Rogers v City of Bridgeport
Taylor v Board of Pardons and Paroles
Haythorn v Town of Weston
Nugent v Guilford PD
Sullivan v Dept. of Public Health
Simmons v City of Bridgeport
Bouchard v Town of Colchester
Collins v Connecticut Port Authority
Velasco v DOC
Dimuzio v Town of Prospect
Lee v Dept of Consumer Protection
Velasco v DOC
Liso v New Milford PD
Currin v Office of Secretary of the State
Sultz v Town of Woodstock
Dimuzio v Town of Prospect
Sargent v City of Bridgeport
Diiorio v Department of Banking
Kaminski v DAS
Tobia v City of New Haven
Arakelian v West Harford Public School
Sylvestre v Killingly Public Schools
Arakelian v Town West Hartford 
May 2022 Jun 2022 Jul 2022 Aug 2022
Zimberlin v Office of State Comptroller
Armstrong v DESPP
Armstrong v DESP
Zimberlin v Office of State Comptroller
Lemcke v Town of Westport
Quint v DOC
Morre v City of Shelton
Bell v New Britain PD
Meyers v Town of Middlefield
Coleman-Mitchell v Office of the Governor
Mclaughlin v OPM
Kaminski v DOC
Bouchard v Town of Colchester
Rudko v Town of Colchester
Kaminski v DOC
Fish, Jr. v Connecticut Innovations
Sep 2022 Oct 2022 Nov 2022 Dec 2022