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CT Veterans War Time Service Medal: Posthumous


Immediate family members/next-of-kin of qualifying Connecticut veterans are authorized to apply for the Posthumous Connecticut Veterans Wartime Service Medal.

Only one (1) medal will be issued per qualifying veteran. By submitting a signed application form (CTDVA VM-2), the family member is certifying that he/she is the duly authorized representative of the veteran’s family to receive the medal. The State of Connecticut residency requirement applies to the qualifying veteran – not to the family member who is applying for the medal.

To receive the Posthumous Connecticut Veterans Medal, the family of the qualifying veteran must provide the following:

  1. Submit documentary proof of qualifying military wartime service (90 days wartime service, unless the war or operation lasted less than 90 days);
  2. Submit proof of an honorable discharge from military service (or discharge due to injuries received in the line of duty) for the qualifying wartime service.
  3. Submit a copy of a death certificate indicating the qualifying veteran died on or after November 12, 1918.
  4. Submit proof that the veteran was a resident of the State of Connecticut at the time of death or was a resident at the time of his/her qualifying wartime service.


Only one (1) medal per qualifying Connecticut veteran will be awarded to a designated family member.

The family member applying for the medal will certify that they are the designated family representative who will receive the medal.