Affirmative Action Discrimination Complaint Procedure

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Attempts will be made to resolve complaints of discriminatory actions and practices through a formal process conducted by the Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist is designated to act in an effort to mediate or conciliate complaints.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist shall insure prompt consideration of each complaint filed with his/her office. If, after the investigation of the complaint, the Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist concludes that no discriminatory act has occurred, (s) he may dismiss the charge. Any complainant dissatisfied by the dismissal or disposition of the complaint retains all other administrative and legal remedies as provided by Personnel Regulations, union contracts, or other laws and regulations.

If, after investigation of the complaint, the Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist believes that an act of discrimination may have occurred within ten (10) workdays after said determination is made, the Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist shall personally attempt to conciliate the matter.

Confidential counseling is incorporated into the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Affirmative Action Discrimination Procedure.

Hearings by the Commissioner’s Office may be held in cases in which conciliation or mediation has failed where either party so requests. Such requests shall be submitted in writing, signed stating the basis for the request. A decision shall be rendered by the commissioner’s Office after a careful review of all the facts.

If either party fails to comply with any obligation or requirement which forms part of any such decision, said decision may be enforced by a directive from the Commissioner’s Office.

Time frames shall not exceed ninety (90) days for filing, processing and resolution of all discrimination grievances.

In accordance with Section 46a-68-46(b) of the Regulations for Affirmation Action by State Government, all records of grievances, herein addressed as complaints, and dispositions thereof shall be maintained and reviewed on a regular basis by the Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist to detect any patterns in the nature of the complaints. Records so retained shall be confidential except where disclosure is required by law.

Employees are advised of legal options to file complaints with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities; United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; United States Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division; and any other agencies, state, federal or local, that enforce laws concerning discrimination in employment.