Affirmative Action Discrimination Complaint Procedure



Who May file a Complaint

A complaint related to employment may be filed by any employee or applicant of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs who believes that an employment practice in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs has or will result in discrimination in employment against him/her due to their age, ancestry, color, genetic information, learning disability, marital status, past or present history of mental disability, mental retardation, national origin, physical disability, race, religious creed, sex, including pregnancy and sexual harassment, sexual orientation, workplace hazards to reproductive systems, criminal record (in state employment and licensing).

Protection from Adverse Actions

All employees shall be free from any and all restraint, interference, coercion, or reprisal on the part of their associates, supervisor, and all others in making any complaint or appeal, in serving as representatives or a complainant, in appearing as witnesses or in seeking information. The above principals apply with equal force after a complaint has been adjudicated. Should those principles be violated, the facts shall be brought to the attention of the Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist by the aggrieved party, his/her representatives or any person affected.