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Census 2020: Special Information for DSS Enrollees about Working for the Census


In support of the State of Connecticut’s effort to maximize participation in the 2020 United States Census, the Department of Social Services will not count Census employment income when determining eligibility for most services, including:

  • Temporary Family Assistance;
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP);
  • State Supplement assistance;
  • State-Administered General Assistance;
  • HUSKY C (Medicaid for Employees with Disabilities and Medicaid for the Aged/Blind/Disabled); and
  • Medicare Savings Programs.

Please note that Census employment income is counted when determining eligibility for:

  • HUSKY D (Medicaid for low-income adults without dependent children); and
  • HUSKY A (Medicaid for parents/relative caregivers/pregnant women/children).

    • However, non-pregnant adults enrolled in HUSKY A whose earned income from Census jobs exceeds the income limit for the program will continue to receive a year of HUSKY coverage through Transitional Medical Assistance (from the date their income exceeds HUSKY A program limits).  Once extra income from temporary Census employment ends, HUSKY A coverage would be available again, depending on other earned income.  HUSKY A eligibility of pregnant women is not affected by income increases during pregnancy or during the three-month post-partum period.

The federal Census Bureau is in the process of conducting nationwide hiring to temporarily employ individuals for thousands of part-time positions from March 30 through July 31, 2020.

**For information about applying for temporary employment with the 2020 Census in Connecticut, please visit

The eligibility factors regarding Census income are determined in accordance with guidance from the Department’s federal partners.  As a reminder, state and federal law still require the reporting any new employment or income to the Department, including temporary Census income, regardless of whether the income will be used in determining program eligibility.

Thank you from the Connecticut Department of Social Services.


[updated 2-11-20]