Connecticut Medicaid Enterprise Technology System (CT METS) Project

Bidders' Library

The CT METS Bidders’ Library contains reference materials, web links, and other documentation to support a Request for Proposal (RFP). DSS and the CT METS project may update items in the Bidders’ Library at any time. Questions concerning the information in the Bidders’ Library must be directed to the Official Contact for the RFP.

General Content


Systems Integrator (SI) Content

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Systems Integrator RFP bidders’ library content originally posted to this page contained errors.  The incorrect content has been removed; the correct content is posted.   Please disregard any information that was accessed previously.


The DSS CT METS Webpage includes a Bidders’ Library to assist Respondents with information and resources regarding the SI RFP. The information in the Bidders’ Library is not intended to be comprehensive. It is the responsibility of the Respondent to obtain and review all pertinent information relating to the SI RFP.  Follow this link to access RFP information. 

Questions in regard to the Bidders’ Library can be directed to the Official Contact for the RFP.