CT METS Program Goals & Objectives

What's Next

IV&V services RFP is now closed


As part of the CT METS project, CMS requires that state Medicaid agencies establish a contract for Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services.


The State is utilizing a two-step process to establish an IV&V contract for the CT METS project.

  • As a first step, the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Independent Verification and Validation services, which closed on 01/04/19. The purpose of this RFP is to establish a Master Service Agreement (MSA) for a pool of qualified vendors for Connecticut state agencies who need the services of an IV&V contractor. The status of the RFP will remain “Under Evaluation” until a successful contract is established. 
  • Second, once the RFP process has been completed and contracts have been established to create a pool of vendors, The Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) will solicit qualified vendors by means of a DSS scope of services document describing IV&V services required specifically for the CT METS project. Qualified vendors who respond with a Statement of Work (SOW) will go through an evaluation process; a purchase order with the statement of work attached will be established with one vendor to provide IV&V services for the CT METS project.


As required by CMS, IV&V vendors, including any of their subsidiaries or subcontractors, who intend to respond to CT METS IV&V services statements of work, are excluded from procurements to provide other CT METS services and modules.


It is now a requirement of DAS/Procurement Division that all Companies create a Business Network (BizNet) Account and add their company profiles to the State of Connecticut BizNet system.  Companies are responsible for maintaining and updating company information in their BizNet Accounts as updates occur.  Companies that have been certified through the Supplier Diversity or the Pre-Qualification Program have already created a BizNet account.


The BizNet login is: https://www.biznet.ct.gov/AccountMaint/Login.aspx


New Companies:  Create an account by clicking the BizNet login link above and then the button on the right labeled “Create New Account”.  Login and select Doing Business with the State and Company Information.  Please be sure to complete information in all tabs (Company Information, Accounts, Address, etc…).


Existing Companies Needing to Update Their Information: Login to BizNet and select Doing Business with the State and Company Information.


Anyone having difficulty connecting to their account or downloading or uploading forms should call DAS/Procurement Division at 860-713-5095.