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AN 91(6)

Letter to Taxpayers About Filing an REG-1


This letter contains important information concerning the new Connecticut State Income Tax. According to the records of the Connecticut Department of Labor or the Internal Revenue Service, you are a Connecticut employer. Therefore, you are required to withhold income tax from your employees' earnings.

Please complete the enclosed Application For Tax Registration Number (REG-1) and return it in the envelope provided. (Since we are identifying taxpayers to receive these mailings through several different means, you may receive or may have received another copy of this application. Should you receive duplicate applications, it is only necessary that you complete and return one of them.)

After we process your registration application, we will send you a Tax Registration Number, detailed instructions regarding your responsibilities to withhold income tax and payment coupons to file when you remit the tax withheld.

If you are no longer a Connecticut employer or believe you are not liable to withhold income tax, please return this notice with a letter of explanation within five (5) business days from the above Notice Date to:

Department of Revenue Services
Registration Unit
P.O. Box 2937
Hartford, CT 06104-2937


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: To order forms and publications or for further information, call the Department of Revenue Services at 860-297-5962 (Hartford area or out-of-state) or 1-800-382-9463 (in-state). Forms and publications may be ordered through voice-mail 24-hours a day by choosing Option 3 on your touch tone telephone.

Electronic Delivery Options: You can also obtain tax forms and publications 24-hours a day from our Web home page at

Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD/TT) users only call 860-297-4911 during business hours.

AN 91(6)
Income Tax
Issued 8/91