Open Enrollment 2018

How Do I Apply to Accept WIC Benefits?

Open Enrollment for new applicant vendors is throughout the month of January.

Apply to become authorized to accept WIC benefits by completing an online application. You have thirty (30) days to complete and submit the online application to the Connecticut WIC Program. Applications must be submitted before February 1st. Follow the steps below to complete the online application process for WIC authorization.

A few things before you proceed:


1. Register for a Vendor Portal Account

Before you start your application:

  • Register for a Vendor Portal account in order to obtain access to the online application.
  • A copy of the user’s driver’s license must be emailed to in order to be approved.
  • You must have a valid Email address. The Connecticut WIC Program will send you a confirmation Email when your account has been approved.
  • After 24 hours from the receipt of the approved email, return back to this page or continue with the link in the email.

2. Complete Online Application

  • You have the month of January to complete and submit the online application to the Connecticut WIC Program.If you’re busy or short on time, you can start the application and return later to complete it.

Helpful Tip: Save time by completing the Vendor Portal Worksheet.


Application Assistance Workshops 2018: There are four (4) dates available for owners to receive assistance with processing the online application. You must bring your completed worksheet and the supporting documentation. Register for a Vendor Portal Account prior to arrival.


Dates: January 11th, January 18th, January 23rd, January 25th

Times: 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM all four (4) days

Location: Department of Public Health, 410 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT 06106

3. Submit Supporting Documentation

Your WIC application is not complete until you submit the required supporting documents, based on your specific store demographics.

  • Owner Information Form:If the signature on this form is not the owner, partner, member or franchisee, then include with the Owner Information Form a copy of a document that authorizes the representative to sign and contract for on behalf of this business.
  • Driver’s License-Owner
  • Driver’s License-Store Manager
  • OS-114 Sales and Tax Use forms
  • Bill of Sale: For stores that have been open for business less than 12 months.

4. Application Status

  • After the application is submitted, the Connecticut WIC Program will process the application and contact you if any further information is needed. If you have additional questions about the application process, please call the Connecticut WIC Program at 1-860-509-8084 for assistance.
  • The Connecticut WIC Program will send an email to the owner if the application is approved. The email will contain information about Vendor training.
  • You must attend a training class to complete your application process.If the person who will attend is someone other than the owner of the store, he or she must bring a signed training authorization letter that authorizes that person to be trained on their behalf by the WIC Program and present it to be admitted to the training class.This representative will be responsible for training the owner and all other employees handling WIC transactions.