Healthy Connecticut 2020
Creating the State Health Improvement Plan
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Healthy Connecticut 2020 is our state's translation of the national Healthy People 2020 initiative. It provides a framework for health promotion and disease prevention in the current decade, with overarching themes of health equity and social determinants of health.
State Health Assessment and Plan Released at Meeting of Statewide Coalition 
 March 25,2014
The Healthy Connecticut 2020 State Health Improvement Plan and its companion document, the Healthy Connecticut 2020 State Health Assessment (see "Publications" below), were presented to the Connecticut State Health Improvement Coalition by Commissioner Jewel Mullen on March 25, 2014 at a "Call to Action" meeting (see news release).  The Assessment and Plan represent the work of more than 100 Coalition partners and an equal number of staff at the Connecticut Department of Public Health. The presentations below were given at the meeting.
Speaker Presentations Slide Sets from March 25, 2014 Coalition Meeting
DPH Priorities for 2020 by Jewel Mullen, MD, MPH, MPA Commissioner (PDF)
Keynote Speaker's Presentation by Paul Jarris, MD, Executive Director of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (PDF)
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State Health Assessment Milestones



Tools for Assessment and Planning

Sector and Stakeholder Wheel (PDF, 82 KB)
A representation of the major sectors and the key stakeholders in each sector to consider for inclusion in an assessment and planning coalition.

Stakeholder Engagement Matrix (Excel spreadsheet)
Contact information for stakeholders, and their roles or methods of engaging them in the assessment and planning processes.

Guide and Template for Comprehensive Health Improvement Planning (PDF)
Guidelines for developing a health improvement plan, elements of a Plan, boilerplate material for Connecticut, and framework for presenting goals, objectives, and strategies.

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Slide sets of presentations and videos from Public Forums held in each of Connecticut's 8 counties, a State Agencies Forum, and a Spanish language Webinar. DPH staff data from the draft State Health Assessment and heard state residents' perceptions of the problems that affect their communities' health, and how their communities might become more healthful places to live. 
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Background and history of the national and Connecticut initiatives.
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