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Medicare Part D eliminates recipients’ out-of-pocket costs for all ACIP-recommended vaccines


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HARTFORD, ConnThe Connecticut Department of Public Health encourages those with Medicare Part D to get the vaccines they need today. For the first time, people with Medicare’s prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D) will not have to pay a deductible and will not be responsible for any cost-sharing for ACIP-recommended vaccines, including shingles, Tdap, and travel vaccines.  This important new benefit removes financial barriers to vaccination for millions of people nationally who are aged 65 years and older.


Medicare Part D plans cover all vaccines that are commercially available, reasonable, and necessary to prevent illness, and are not covered by Medicare Part B. Medicare Part B vaccines, including influenza and pneumococcal vaccines, have been given to adult beneficiaries without cost-sharing for many years. This expansion of Medicare Part D could substantially increase adult vaccination levels nationwide. Covering travel vaccines will ensure that all older adults can be optimally protected when traveling without having to bear additional costly expenditures.


To learn how to get you or your child’s vaccine record securely online, please visit, or if you need help by phone call 860-509-7929. The CT WiZ Public Portal is a confidential and free service provided by the Connecticut Department of Public Health Immunization Program. 


For the Connecticut DPH Immunization Program, please visit: For the DPH COVID-19 webpage, please visit COVID-19 Vaccine Program.