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Commissioner Dr. Manisha Juthani's message to DPH employees regarding Environmental Health Professionals Day

Dear Colleagues,

Clean water, fresh air, safe food supplies, and healthy places to work, learn, and live.  These are the most fundamental components of public health. The preservation and promotion of these healthy and safe environmental conditions represent the foundational work that environmental health professionals engage in every day to help all individuals and families live healthy, safe, and prosperous lives.  Whether at one of our many Local Health Departments and Districts, at the Connecticut Department of Public Health, or within one of our many public-sector, private-sector, academic, or non-profit partner organizations, the work of Connecticut’s environmental health professionals play a core function in the improvement of public health, both through primary prevention activities and management of environmental risk. 

Without media attention or fanfare, Connecticut’s environmental health professionals tirelessly do the daily, difficult work of mitigating known or potential environmental public health risks. Their training and expertise allow for the practical application of knowledge gained both through academic and practical study and extensive experience in the field.  This work is critical to creating and maintaining healthy communities throughout our state, touching the lives of every individual in our state, both in our daily lives and through natural or man-made emergencies. 

Governor Lamont officially recognized today, November 17, 2023, as Environmental Health Professionals Day in the State of Connecticut, and on behalf of my family, our Department, and all communities throughout our state, I would like to recognize and thank all our Environmental Health Professionals for their continuous work and significant contributions to public health in Connecticut, across the nation, and around the world.


Commissioner Juthani