Thousands of Connecticut’s residents rely on groundwater supplies every day for drinking and domestic uses. Approximately 23% of the state’s population is served by their own private residential well. September 6, 2016 is Protect Your Groundwater Day.

The Department of Public Health encourages private well owners to locate their well, inspect it for structural deficiencies, evaluate surrounding land uses to protect it from contamination, and most importantly to have your private well water tested. If you own a private well, groundwater protection is especially important. Proper maintenance and operation of your well water system is an essential component to protecting your well water quality and health.

For information on what to look for when inspecting your well, how often you should have your well water tested, and what to test for, visit the State of Connecticut, Department of Public Health’s Private Well Program website at: The site also includes important information about common well contaminants and water treatment options.