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Grant To Fund “Healthy Start” Program for Women in Hartford


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July 1, 2009                         


                                                     Diana Lejardi, 860-509-7599



Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that the state is receiving $3.75 million federal grant to expand access to health care in Hartford for low-income women nearing childbirth to ensure their newborns get a healthy start.


“Our children are our most precious resource and the health of a child is intrinsic to the health of the mother,” stated Governor Rell.  “These funds will help us ensure that at-risk moms get the health care services they need for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.”


According to state Department of Public Health officials, Hartford’s infant mortality rate for the city’s African-American community is 12.1 deaths per 1,000 live births.  In comparison, the overall statewide rate for infant mortality is approximately 5 deaths per 1,000 live births.  


The Governor said DPH’s application for the federal Healthy Start Program funds was submitted in collaboration with the Public Health Foundation of Connecticut and several community partners, including the Hartford Department of Health and Human Services, local hospitals and community-based health centers in the city.  


“On behalf of the State of Connecticut and our partners, we are very pleased to be the recipient of these federal funds. They will help us address and drastically reduce the infant mortality rate in Hartford,” said DPH Commissioner Dr. J. Robert Galvin.  


As part of the grant requirements, DPH and the Public Health Foundation will convene a Healthy Start Community Consortium consisting of, but not limited to, representatives from hospitals, community health centers, consumers, community-and faith-based organizations, professional health organizations, and other interested parties.


The Hartford Healthy Start Program will collaborate with long-established and successful New Haven Healthy Start program, replicating its community-based model.