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October 22, 2008                                           Contact:  William Gerrish

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State Health Department Releases Two Injury Prevention and Control Reports for Reducing Injuries Statewide

Hartford – The Connecticut Department of Public Health released two reports that provide the state’s first comprehensive compilation of Connecticut data on injury for all ages and injury categories.  The documents highlight the enormous impact injuries have on death and disability in Connecticut. 


According to state health officials, injuries are the leading cause of death among Connecticut residents between the ages of one and forty-four years, and are the fifth leading cause for all ages.  Injuries are also a leading cause of disability for state residents and responsible for approximately 17,000 inpatient hospitalizations, and 333,000 emergency department visits each year.  Direct charges for injury related hospitalizations totaled $1.6 billion between 2000 and 2004 for Connecticut residents.


The Connecticut Injury Prevention and Control Plan and Injury in Connecticut data book were produced by DPH in conjunction with the Injury Community Planning Group (ICPG), a multidisciplinary group convened by DPH that includes partners from other state agencies, community-based organizations, state and local injury-related coalitions, and academic and health care institutions. 


The DPH and ICPG identified four priority injuries that the plan addresses:  Falls among older adults; suicides / self-inflicted injuries; homicides /assault injuries, and motor vehicle crashes.  These priorities represent the leading causes of injury-related death and morbidity in Connecticut. 


The plan and data book, announced at a ceremony at the State Capitol last week, will assist partners, constituents, policy-makers and others as they work to reduce and eliminate injury-related deaths and disabilities.  The plan outlines goals, objectives, and strategies for each priority area, as well as on-going efforts and promising interventions to reduce the burden of injury on Connecticut residents. 

For more information on injury prevention or to get a copy of the Statewide Injury Prevention and Control Plan and Injury in Connecticut data book visit the DPH web site at and click “Programs and Services” then click the “Injury Prevention” program link, or call 509-8251

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