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October 12, 2008                                     


Motherhood Initiative Raises Awareness

of Prenatal and Parenting Services


            Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that first-time mothers and new parents in Hartford and New Haven will benefit from a $1 million state initiative that raises awareness of prenatal health screenings and support programs.


The “First Time Motherhood/New Parents Initiative” is being funded by a two-year, $500,000-a-year federal grant awarded to the state Department of Public Health.


“We know that many unhealthy pregnancies can result when expectant mothers cannot obtain much-needed health and support services,” Governor Rell said. “These services are vital for a healthy baby, especially in that child’s first year of life.”


          The program will increase public and health care provider awareness of services in Hartford and New Haven that offer prenatal care, parenting and other programs, including maternal health screenings and education. 


The “First Time Motherhood/New Parents Initiative” will consist of an interactive Web site, television and radio advertisements and enhancements to the United Way of CT 2-1-1’s electronic library, the state’s most comprehensive online database of human service resources.


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