Hartford – The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) today announced an initiative to recognize the contributions of public health nurses. An informational meeting was held today at the Connecticut Hospital Association to launch the initiative.


“Nurses providing services in Connecticut’s public health departments are a vital professional component of the public health workforce,” stated DPH Deputy Commissioner Norma Gyle, R.N., Ph.D. “It is time to nurture and build on the strengths of nurses working in Connecticut’s public health departments and acknowledge their vital contributions.”

The purpose of the informational session is to discuss the uniqueness of the public health nursing profession, the range of issues affecting it here in Connecticut, and to hear updates on national efforts to enhance the public health nursing workforce. The department is introducing this initiative through a new virtual Office of Public Health Nurses. The office will be comprised of nurses and other staff cutting across many programs of the agency, and work to promote and advance this important profession.

Today’s meeting provides an opportunity for DPH to glean input from the nurses affiliated with local health departments and districts to help determine priorities of the department’s efforts to support local community public health partners. Members of the Connecticut Association of Public Health Nurses, nurses working for state and local health departments, and faculty from Connecticut’s Schools of Nursing participated.

“Through this effort, we hope to expand our knowledge and understanding of the critical role nurses play in delivering public health services, and ultimately strengthen the nursing capacity of Connecticut’s public health systems,” stated Dr. Gyle. For additional information please contact the DPH Local Health Administration Branch at (860) 509-7660.