Office of Health Care Access
Types of Notifications:
  • Affiliate Filing - Effective October 1, 2015, each hospital and hospital system is required to file with the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Public Health a written report describing each affiliation with another hospital or hospital system. The Annual Report using the Affiliation Filing Form must be filed with the Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”) and with the DPH Office of Health Care Access ("OHCA") at no later than December 31st, annually.
  • Certificate of Need - A person, provider or healthcare facility must notify OHCA to:
  • Facility Fee Data Filing - Hospitals and Health Systems must annually file detailed data on Facility Fees charged or billed for outpatient services at campuses outside of a hospital campus.
  • Group Practices - Hospitals, hospital systems and group medical practices comprised of thirty or more physicians must complete the Group Practice Form and submit to the Attorney General’s Office and OHCA at  by December 31, annually.
  • Medical Foundation - A medical foundation or medical group clinic corporation that amends its certificate of incorporation to form a medical foundation  must file a copy of its certificate of incorporation and any amendments to its certificate of incorporation with OHCA not later than ten business days of filing such documentation with the Secretary of the State.   A medical foundation, regardless of when it was organized, must file notice with OHCA and the Secretary of State of its liquidation, termination, dissolution, or cessation of operations not later than ten business days after a vote of the medical foundation’s board of directors or members to take such action. For more information see Medical Foundations Notifications.
  • Material Change - Transactions that result in a Material Change to a group practice require the filing of a written notice to the Commissioner of Public Health at not later than thirty days after the transaction effective date.