Office of Health Care Access
Facility Fees Charged/Billed by a Hospital or Health System

Connecticut’s Hospitals (see Section 19a-490, C.G.S.) and Health Systems (see Section 19a-486i (a)(4), C.G.S.) must now report information regarding facility fees charged or billed during the preceding calendar year.

What is the statutory authority for this new filing requirement and when is it due?
Section 13(l)(1) of Public Act 15-146 effective October 1, 2015 (link below to PA 15-146) requires the filing of this information no later than July 1, 2016 and annually thereafter.
What are Facility Fees for purposes of this submission?
“Facility fee” means any fee charged or billed by a hospital or health system for outpatient hospital services provided in a hospital-based facility that is:
(A) Intended to compensate the hospital or health system for the operational expenses of the hospital or health system, and
(B) separate and distinct from a professional fee
What is a Hospital-Based Facility?
Pursuant to Section 19a-508c(a)(6), C.G.S "Hospital-based facility" means a facility that is owned or operated, in whole or in part, by a hospital or health system where hospital or professional medical services are provided.
What is a hospital campus for purposes of this submission?
Only a facility located outside a hospital campus is included in this data submission. Pursuant to Section 19a-508c (a)(2), C.G.S, Campus means:
(A) The physical area immediately adjacent to a hospital's main buildings and other areas and structures that are not strictly contiguous to the main buildings but are located within two hundred fifty yards of the main buildings, or
(B) any other area that has been determined on an individual case basis by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to be part of a hospital's campus
Again, this filing is for outpatient services for which a facility fee was charged and the location is not on a hospital campus using this definition.
How should information be filed?
Provided below is a link to two standardized excel tables for these filings. Both tables will need to be submitted (Table 1 and Table 2). The completed submission should be sent via email to  If you have any questions regarding the filing of the Annual Submission, please submit your questions via e-mail to and a staff member will contact you. The higher level system parent of a hospital system should be the reporting entity. The contact person should be an in-state representative of the system. Note that only business entities operating in Connecticut should be reported. Further note, that if you do not charge/bill any facility fees, please send an email to indicating as such.


Facility Fee submission format (two Excel Tables) >
2016 Facility Fees
Entity Name
Filing Date
Bristol Hospital June 12, 2017
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital July 28, 2017
Connecticut Childrens Medical Center August 2, 2017
Day Kimball Healthcare June 6, 2017
Gaylord Hospital May 31, 2017
Griffin Hospital May 30, 2017
Hartford Hospital June 29, 2017
Hebrew Hospital May 31, 2017
The Hospital of Central Connecticut June 30, 2017
Hospital for Special Care June 28, 2017
Lawrence + Memorial Hospital June 29, 2017
Manchester and Rockville Hospitals August 3, 2017
Middlesex Hospital July 6, 2017
Midstate Medical Center June 30, 2017
Milford Hospital June 21, 2107
Natchaug Hospital July 6, 2017
Saint Mary's Hospital June 22, 2017
Saint Vincent's Medical Center September 7, 2017
Sharon Hospital May 31, 2017
Silver Hill Hospital July 6, 2017
Stamford Hospital July 3, 2017
Trinity Health New England June 30, 2017
UConn Health John Dempsey Hospital June 30, 2017
Waterbury Hospital June 28, 2017
Western Connecticut Health Network (Danbury and Norwalk Hospital) June 30, 2017
The William W. Backus Hospital June 30, 2017 
Windham Hospital June 30, 2017
Yale New Haven Health Services Corporation June 29, 2017