Office of Health Care Access
Affiliate Filing Notifications

Effective October 1, 2015, Connecticut hospitals and hospital systems must submit to the Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”) and to the Department of Public Health (“DPH”), a written report describing each affiliation with another hospital or hospital system.


What is the statutory authority for this new filing requirement?

Public Act 15-146 effective October 1, 2015


When is this filing due?

The Annual Reports must be filed with the Office of the Attorney General and with the DPH Office of Health Care Access (“OHCA”) no later than December 31, 2015, and annually thereafter.

What is an affiliation for purposes of this filing?

“Affiliation" means the formation of a relationship between two or more entities that would permit the entities to negotiate jointly with third parties over rates for professional medical services.


Who needs to submit this new filing requirement?

  • Connecticut hospitals as defined in C.G.S. 19a-490, which includes all general, children's, chronic disease, psychiatric, hospital and maternity hospital facilities.
  • Hospital Systems as defined in Section 1(4) of C.G.S 19a-486i (a) (4).
Note that the higher level system parent of a hospital system should be the reporting entity. However, the contact person should be an in-state representative of the system. Further note that the only business entities and hospitals required to report are those operating in Connecticut.

How should the reports be filed?
Provided below is a link to a standardized excel worksheet that has been jointly created by OHCA and OAG for these filings. The Excel worksheet has been provided to ensure consistent filings to OHCA and OAG. The completed submission should be emailed in two formats, Excel and PDF, to which will simultaneously file the data with both the OAG and the DPH.  If you have any questions regarding the filing of the Annual Report, please submit your questions via e-mail to Rachel O. Davis, Assistant Attorney General at

Table: Notice of Affiliation filed with OHCA

Hospital/Hospital System NameDate Received by OHCA
Hartford Healthcare Corporation
Prospect ECHN, Inc.
Prospect Waterbury, Inc.
Trinity Health-New England, Inc.
Western Connecticut Health Network, Inc.
Yale-New Haven Health Services Corporation

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