Hospital Reporting System for Connecticut Hospitals

Acute Care Hospital Filings
All Connecticut acute care hospitals are required by state law to file financial information with OHCA  on  a  twelve   month  basis. The  data  filed  consists  of  a  wide  range of  hospital  financial   information   including  hospital  expenses,  revenues,  balance  sheet  information, uncompensated care volumes, and utilization   information.  The  hospitals  also  are  required  to  file  annual  hard  copies  of corporate  information  on their  organization  and  all  related entities.
OHCA  operates  an  Internet-based  system  that the hospitals  use  to submit their financial reporting,  known  as  the  Hospital  Reporting  System  (HRS).  OHCA  analyzes the hospitals’ financial  information  for  numerous  purposes, including utilization trending, financial stability, and  determining  the  distribution  of  disproportionate  share (DSH)  payments as part of the Uncompensated Care program. For a complete list and description of the documents collected within the HRS during the Annual Reporting and Twelve Month Filing, please click on the following: 
Additional Acute Care Hospital Annual Reporting Items required to be filed by the hospitals not found in the HRS are as follows:
  • Audited financial statements and all related schedules and footnotes for the hospital and each of its affiliates including consolidated financial statements.
  • The annual Medicare Cost Report as filed by the hospital.
  • The most recent legal chart of corporate structure for the facility.
  • A list of current officers and directors in effect as of the filing date for the Hospital and each affiliate, including the Hospital’s parent or holding company and all related entities.
To view a map of where the 30 acute care hospitals are located click here....  For the current year's ratio of cost to charge data click here....  To view each hospital’s Annual Reporting, Twelve Month Filing, Audited Financial Statements, or to look at OHCA’s new “Dashboard” of financial ratios and utilization indicators, click on a hospital below. 

Specialty Hospital Filings

Specialty  Hospitals  submit  hard  copies  of  their  Audited  Financial Statements with OHCA pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes 19a-644(d) five months after their hospital's fiscal year  ends.  The  facilities  included in this requirement are indicated below.  Click on a fiscal year  below  any  of  the  hospitals  indicated  to  view the hospital’s Audited Financial Statements from that year.

  • Women's Health Associates d/b/a
    Connecticut Childbirth and Women's Center:
    2009   2008
  • The Connecticut Hospice:
    2009   2008
  • Gaylord Hospital:
    2009   2008 
  • Hebrew Home and Hospital, Inc. :
    2009   2008
  • Hospital for Special Care:
    2009   2008
  • Masonic Geriatric Healthcare Center:
    2009   2008
  • Natchaug Hospital, Inc. :
    2009   2008
  • Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital:
    2009   2008
  • Silver Hill Hospital:
    2009   2008