Certificate of Need

Recent Statutory Changes in CON:

 CON information by provider:

·      Hospitals

·      Physicians/Practitioners

·      Behavioral Health Services 

·      Outpatient Surgical Facilities 

·      Central Services Facilities 


Certificate of Need Process 

Effective October 1, 2010 

  1. Applicant files the CON application with OHCA at anytime as long as they:

    i. Publish notice to the public in the project's service area for three (3) consecutive days, no later than twenty (20) days before the Applicant submits the application, (for a list of Newspapers, click here) and
    ii. Submits a CON Application Fee of $500 (Cashiers Check)
  2. OHCA has 30 days to review the submitted Con application material and request any additional information it needs to deem the CON application complete.

  3. If OHCA send out a request for additional information (known as Completeness Letter), the Applicant must respond within 60 days or the CON application is considered to be withdrawn.

  4. Once OHCA deems the CON application complete (meaning it has all the information in the record it needs), OHCA has 90 days within which it must render a final decision in the matter.

  5. Either upon request from the Applicant or for good cause, OHCA can extend the review period of the CON application for up to sixty (60) days.

Additional Steps/Exceptions to the CON Process
  1. Public Hearing:

    i. OHCA may hold a public hearing on any CON application.
    ii. OHCA must hold a public hearing on a properly filed and complete application if three or more people, or an individual representing an entity with five or more people, makes a written request for a hearing.
    Note: The request must be made within 30 days following OHCA's determination that the application is complete
  2. If the office holds a public hearing on the application it must issue a decision within 60 days after the public hearing.

Note: If you have questions regarding the CON process please contact Steven W. Lazarus at (860) 418-7001 or at Steven.Lazarus@ct.gov.