Hospital Reporting System for Connecticut Hospitals

Hospital Reporting System Reports

Photo of Computer monitor with an active spreadsheet.All Connecticut acute care hospitals are required by state law to file financial information with OHCA on a twelve month basis, and to submit their board approved budget information annually. The data filed consists of a wide range of hospital financial data including hospital expenses, revenues, balance sheet information, uncompensated care volumes, and utilization information. The hospitals also are required to file annual hard copies of corporate information on their organization and all related entities. The components of these filings are discussed below.

OHCA operates an Internet-based system that the hospitals use to submit their financial reporting, known as the Hospital Reporting System (HRS). OHCA analyzes the hospitals’ financial information for numerous purposes, including utilization trending, financial stability, and determining the distribution of disproportionate share (DSH) payments as part of the Uncompensated Care program.