Office of Health Care Access 
Consumer & Public Information
Welcome to the Office of Health Care Access' Consumer and Public Information page. This page will help you resolve hospital billing issues, help provide other healthcare industry information, as well as provide information and maps to hospitals and other services in Connecticut.

Who is OHCA?
OHCA is a division of the Department of Public Health. OHCA maintains the Certificate of Need (CON) program, collects hospital financial data, inpatient and some outpatient data, and produces publications such as the Statewide Health Care Facilities and Services Plan. OHCA holds public hearings in the community when a hospital is going through a change of ownership or termination of service, giving the public an opportunity to comment during the process.

What Does OHCA Do?

These are OHCA's three main areas of responsibility:
How Can We Help?

If you are looking for a particular health care service in CT, this page will help guide you through the process.  OHCA can also assist consumers with hospital billing and other hospital concerns. OHCA reviews requests by consumers to verify that their hospital charges are in agreement with the hospital chargemasters. However, OHCA’s authority is limited to examining whether or not Hospital charges are in agreement with Hospital chargemasters submitted to OHCA by each Hospital every fiscal year.

Please Note: OHCA can only verify that the amount charged by a Hospital is the same amount listed on the chargemaster file. See link below for the most current Hospital chargemasters.

What OHCA Cannot Do:

OHCA does not have the authority to reduce hospital bills. Nor does OHCA have authority to request itemized billing or medical records on your behalf.

To Request Billing Help:

Please complete and submit the Consumer Assistance Form and send to


Related Links:
  • Hospital Contact Information-provides the consumers with the Hospitals’ contact information and Connecticut Acute Care Hospitals’ Collection Policies and Procedures which  provide detail information on the Hospitals’ collection practices.
  • Other State Agencies-contact information
  • Current Hospital Chargemasters (also known as Pricemasters) - Coming Soon
Consumers with questions or concerns related to the following issues should seek assistance under the “Other State Agencies” contact information link:
  1. Quality of care regarding Health Care Practitioners and Facilities;
  2. HMOs, Managed Care, Medicaid and Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, Disability and Self-Funded plans coverage and programs;
  3. Insurance related problems including: co-pay issues, in-network coverage and insurance benefits;
  4. Complaints pertaining to financial fraud by Health Care Facilities; and
  5. Uninsured, Husky, and other Title 19 coverage, and programs.
For a list of Frequently Asked Questions please click here: OHCA FAQ