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Establishment of a new health care facility.

Public Act 10-179 §87 (a) (1)

·    Definition of health care facility includes hospitals, freestanding emergency departments, ambulatory surgery center, mental health facilities, substance abuse facilities and central services facilities.

Transfer of ownership

Public Act 10-179 §87 (a) (2)

·    Only transfers that impact or change the governance or controlling body of a health care facility or institution.

    Public Act 10-179 §83 (14)

·    Includes hospital purchasing, merging, or affiliating with another health care facility.

·    Does not include purchasing, merging or affiliating with a physician practice, nursing home, outpatient rehabilitation facility, medical home, etc.

Increase in licensed bed capacity

Public Act 10-179§ 87 (a) (10)


Establishment of free standing emergency department

Public Act 10-179 §87 (a) (3)

·    Not located on the main campus of a hospital

·    Held out to the public as a place that provides care for emergency medical conditions on an urgent basis without requiring a previously scheduled appointment

Termination of hospital inpatient or outpatient mental health & substance abuse services

Public Act 10-179 §87 (a) (4)


Termination of an emergency department

Public Act 10-179 §87 (a) (6)


Establishment of outpatient surgical facility

Public Act 10-179 §87 (a) (5)


Acquisition of  imaging equipment

Public Act 10-179 §87 (a) (8)

·    Includes CT, MRI, PET and PET/CT scanners.

Acquisition of equipment utilizing technology not previously used in state

Public Act 10-179 §87 (a) (11)

·   Technologies new to state such as Proton Beam.

·   Not included are advancements in current technologies (such as X-Rays, digital mammography, ultrasound etc.) that are currently not under OHCA’s jurisdiction.

Establishment of inpatient/outpatient  cardiac services

Public Act 10-179 §87 (a) (7)

·    Includes Catheterization, PAMI, Elective PCI, Open Heart Surgery and Heart Transplants.

·    Not included would be services such as cardiac rehabilitation etc.

Increase of 2 or more ORs in a Hospital owned outpatient surgical facility in a three-year period

Public Act 10-179 §87 (a) (12)

·    Facilities are required to notify OHCA of an increase in operating rooms in accordance with the Policies & Procedures.