In Connecticut, hospitals and other health care organizations must comply with statutes and regulations pertaining to the addition or discontinuation of facilities, services and certain medical equipment. OHCA provides applications and reporting formats for various types of required information.

Forms and formats for Certificate of Need (CON) applications are included here for informational purposes only. No CON application will be considered until a completed Letter of Intent is on file with OHCA. Health care facilities intending to pursue a CON application are encouraged to contact OHCA Certificate of Need Unit by telephone at (860) 418-7001 for information and applications specific to the anticipated project. Some forms are currently in Adobe Acrobat fillable PDF format.

To download and print forms, you need to get the FREE Adobe Acrobat™ Reader and install it on your computer. Adobe also provides resources designed to help people with visual disabilities access the Adobe Portable Document Format. If you are unable to access these forms for any reason, you may request a paper copy from the agency.

CON Application Forms: Please click on the link below for related application form.
Please use the following Financial attachment I & II with each application.
Attachment I & II (Excel WorkSheets)
 CON Determination Forms
CON Determination Form
CON Determination Form- Relocation                     
 CON Application Forms*
Acquiring Equipment Utilizing New Technology
Behavioral Health Substance Abuse New Service
Behavioral Health Substance Abuse Service Termination
Equipment Acquisition
Establishment of Cardiac Services
Freestanding Emergency Department
Group Practice Change of Ownership
Increase in Licensed Bed Capacity
Outpatient Surgical Center
Outpatient Surgical Facility O.R Increase
Termination of Services
Transfer of Ownership or Control
* Affidavits are required for the CON forms
 Notification Forms
Equipment Replacement Form
Group Practice Filing Instructions
Group Practice Filing Forms                             
 CON Modification Form
CON Modification Form                                      

CON Exempt Facilities

No longer required to register with OHCA. See...

DCF License or Funded Programs
No longer required to register with OHCA. See ...

Freedom of Information Request Forms

FOI Request Form


Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data Request Form




May be used by persons wishing to request information from OHCA under the Freedom of Information Act.

State of Connecticut Forms                       


Complete listing of State of Connecticut Licenses and Forms